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The Crosby Santa Ana
The Crosby is a restaurant located in the heart of downtown Santa Ana. Established in 2008, the business has successfully created its own audience and continually pushes the boundaries with food, music and nightlife. The low lighting and dark woods create an intimate environment for patrons to experience Chef Linh Nguyen’s culinary explorations.

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Our Story

The Crosby was the second act of the downtown revival and literally turned the place around when it kicked off. New local businesses were floundering a bit, the economy was starting to slow down and Santa Ana was being slightly less than cooperative. Then, voila, along comes The Crosby, breathing new life into the Artists Village. The biggest thing that struck me when they opened was the amount of new faces from distant locales that were making their way down. ID’s from Long Beach, Pasadena, Los Angeles and San Diego were suddenly being pulled from wallets at the local bars and a whole new set became exposed to downtown.

—Dave Mau, Dinner with Dave, Memphis Restaurants

  • Dante Parel

    Dante Parel
    General Manager

    Dante Parel, born and raised in Southern California has held positions at various acclaimed restaurants within the locale. Owning and operating an establishment of his own has always been an ambition of his from the beginning. He jumped at the opportunity to be involved with unique individuals who parallel the same enthusiasm as he does. Driven to create an atmosphere that provides both quality cuisine and distinct service inside an intimate and casual environment, all while staying true to who they are. He also runs The Crosby’s bar program, focusing on handcrafted drinks which vary from original cocktails to variations of classics. Dante values every day at The Crosby because it allows him to work with a staff that are inspiring and passionate in what they do. The ability to have a team that is self motivated, creative and always hungry for more, is what keeps The Crosby exciting.

    “The Crosby is by us and foremost, for us. We do this because this is what we enjoy. We love what we do and we have a good time doing it. The Crosby is something we greatly appreciate and want to share with anyone who is willing to have some fun with us.”

  • Linh Nguyen

    Linh Nguyen
    Executive Chef

    Born and raised in Southern California, Linh Nguyen spent his childhood causing mischief in the streets of Los Angeles and Orange County. Apathetic to many of the subjects that school had to offer, he spent most of his time in class doodling graffiti and artwork in his sketchbook. Naturally drawn to the creative freedoms that subjects such as Music and Art offered him, he considered majoring in Art, but decided instead to pursue Culinary Arts as his creative outlet.

    Linh found peace of mind once enrolled at the California School of Culinary Arts Institute in Pasadena. He excelled in his coursework and discovered that cooking felt very natural to him. Once graduated, he threw himself into his craft. He worked in various culinary environments, from catering to cooking The Crosby. While employed by the catering company responsible for food distribution to airlines such as Virgin Air and Air France, Linh was responsible for designing and preparing menus for the first class clientele. Feeling the limitations and rigid regulations delegated by such a position, Linh was happy to return to the Crosby and accept the Sous Chef position.

    Working alongside former Executive Chef Aron Habiger, Linh was able to be a part of the grass roots food movement that the Crosby has achieved much acclaim for. During his time as Sous Chef, The Crosby received various awards, such as OC Weekly’s: Best Restaurant and Best Rotating Menu.

    As Executive Chef, Linh Nguyen looks forward to being able to add even more of his personal touch to the restaurant. The future is a blank canvas and his flair will prove to be the bright hues and tones of The Crosby’s palette. Stay hungry.

  • Phil Nisco

    Phil Nisco
    Phil Niscos very diverse employment history and creative past have been his biggest asset to the creation and continual growth of The Crosby. Aside from owning, booking and marketing The Crosby, he continuously fills the rest of his waking hours with touring as a musician, making films, music production, freelance graphic and web design, writing, and whatever else he can reasonably (or unreasonably) handle. Family and friends are not only his most venerated endowment, but they will forever remain the greatest source of inspiration to all of his endeavors.

  • Chris Alfaro

    Chris Alfaro

    Owner, Chris Alfaro’s role as full time organizer of late night entertainment, at The Crosby, goes hand in hand with his career as a full time musician/ DJ. Part local DJ, part international recording artist, his records and live show has earned him the title of best Hip Hop artist OC Weekly (2007), Best DJ (2009/2010), and best electronic artist (2012) for the OC Music Awards. In the neighboring, Los Angeles, his name is a staple in the LA beat scene, made famous by the Low End Theory. When abroad, he spends his time playing packed houses in the worlds finest venues from Paris to Tokyo, under his moniker Free the Robots.

    Having been a DJ, promoter, and musician for over a decade, his experience and network has helped build The Crosby as one of the unique, forward thinking venues in the world. Growing up with an open mind, constantly up on the next has kept him heavily involved in different independent/progressive music scenes. Today Chris and partner Phil Nisco have maintained a mutual respect with todays top DJ's, artists, bands in the world. Still actively recording and touring the world, Chris considers The Crosby to be home base; the spot where he can come home inspired to share his ideas and talents with the local community of Orange County.

  • Mark Yamaoka

    Marc Yamaoka
    Aside from work at The Crosby. Marc is currently working as an independent contractor doing mens cut and sew fashion design and graphic design. Marc draws inspiration from various mediums; family, friends, music, cinema, camping/hiking, etc. all of which play a vital role in his life.


A Look Inside the Kitchen

Although we do try to keep our most popular items available year-round, The Crosby’s entire menu is seasonal and ever changing. This is not only in the interest of presenting you with the freshest of ingredients, but also to allow our chefs to be constantly creating quality food, by mean of their own personal inspiration and culinary exploration.

Due to concern for allergies, The Crosby kitchen is a completely nut-free environment.
Modifications to certain items may be kindly declined in order to keep the integrity of the dish.

Dinner & Rotating Chef’s Menu 5PM - 11PM
Late Night Menu available 11PM - 1:30AM

Past Dishes

April, 2011

Wagyu Carpaccio

October, 2011

Filet of Ono & Soy Mirin Glaze

December, 2010

Filet Mignon

August, 2011

Swordfish Ceviche

September, 2009

Smoked Wagyu Beef Burger

November, 2011

Quail & Hen of the Wood Ragu

July, 2011

Poppy Seed Ice Cream Sandwich

June, 2010

Duck Jerky & Assorted Cheese

Winter, 2012

Creole Fizz

Winter, 2012

Irish Daisy & Fancy Free

Night Life

By night, The Crosby turns the lights down and the music up, setting the tone for the late night entertainment. The Crosby offers nightly entertainment ranging from live local bands to world renowned DJs. The ambiance can change drastically from one night to the next due to our strong affinity towards many various genres of music.

Please follow The Crosby’s Facebook profile for nightlife updates.

Late Night Menu 11PM - 1:30AM

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Driving Directions


From the 5 freeway, exit 4TH STREET and head WEST into Downtown Santa Ana. Continue down 4TH STREET for 1.5 miles until you get to BROADWAY.


From the 5 freeway, exit BROADWAY and head SOUTH into Downtown Santa Ana. Continue down BROADWAY for 1.5 miles until you get to 4TH STREET.

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400 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Tel: (714) 543.3543

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